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We enthusiastically endorse
Mattie Parker for Fort Worth Mayor.

Sonja and Neal Adams
John Adnot MD
Neils Agather
BG (Ret) Robin B. Akin
Denny Alexander
Hunter and Christina Allen
Rickey Allen
Geffrey W. Anderson
Patty and George Andrews
Rachel Arellano
Ronald and Amanda Arizpe
Jackie Auger
Marianne Auld
Carly Avilez
Liz and Adam Baggs
Scott Bagg
Marvin Bahnman
Mona Bailey
Lindsey and Hunter Baird
Allie Baker
Ryan Baker
Karry and Kip Ballinger
Ed and Sasha Bass
Ramona and Lee Bass
Sid Bass
Daniel Barker
Sheila Barley
Tom and Tina Barnes
Rick Barnes
Kim and Larry Bateman
Kami and Brandon Bedford
Bill and Julie Belton
Joni and Bob Benda
Joanna and Brendan Bennett
Marilyn and Mike Berry
Chris Bibb II
Emily and Time Black
Andrew Blake
Lynsey Blair
Mercedes and Jeff Bolen
Joe Brhlik
William Brisbois
Larry and Patti Brogdon
Katherine and Ben Broyles
Vernon Bryant
Matthew Bungo
Stephanie Bunn
E William Burgan
Margo and Dr. Curtis Bush
Sara and Dr. Steven Camp
Sherri and Johnny Campbell
Tara and Cody Campbell
E. L. Caraway
Tony Carcamo
Jessie and Tank Carder
Tonia Carr
Dana and Nancy Carrier
Hector and Olivia Casanova
Tim Carter
Anne Carvalho
Timothy Champion
Katie and Jason Ciccarino
Georgina and Gus Clardy
Grant Coates
Lillian and Steve Cobb
Debra and Hon. Daryl Coffey
Jon Cole
Cheryl and Jerry Conatser
Bret Coody
Ashley and Brad Cooper
Paige and Wes Cooper
Lauren and Kacey Cornelius
Mary Kyle and Mike Cothran
Katharine and Todd Cowan
Nanette Boaz Rix Cowain
Beth and Jarod Cox
David and Scooter Cox
Caroline and Dr. Will Crawford
Jane and Gary Cumbie
Caroline Daniel
Catherine and Todd Davenport
Juleigh and Arlie Davenport
Holli and Jack Davies
Sarah and Jimmy Davis Alicia and Peter Dean
Steve and Alicia Deane
Douglas M. Dehn
Connie Dixon
Isaia Dixon
Getjeng Deng
David Dodson
Trish and Menard Doswell
Kailey Dow
Kamryn Dow
Chris and Brandice Downs
Noah Drew
Christopher Draus
Carol and Jim Dunaway
MaryAnn and Matt Dufrene
Kimberly Eaton-Pregler
Valrie and David Eberstein
Alison and Dr. Chris Edwards, DDS
Jodi and Chad English
Jessica Miller Essl and Garrett Essl
Reuben and Rochelle Garza
Hon. Mike Farhat
Caitlin and Tyler Faubion
Lisa and Bobby Feather
Susanna Feather
Victoria S. Feather
Laura and Thomas Fincher
Nicole and Leonard Firestone
Jan and Michael Flynn
Lisa Fortson
Fort Worth Blaze Pro Arena Football Team
Eric Fox
Reilly Fox
Taylor Fox
Joe French
Walker Friedman
Harriette and Arnie Gachman
Brian Gallagher
Robert Gallagher
Jess and Michael Garner
Christa and Brandon Garrett
Elliott S. Garsek
Hon. Pete Geren
Pamela and Stephen Gilchrist
Former Mayor Pro-Tem Garey W. Gilley
Carolyn Gilmore
Robert and Nancy Ginsburg
Rosemary and Mike Godwin
Auryn and Representative Craig Goldman
Stacie and Marc Goldman
Carol and Ronald Goldman
Scott Goldstein
Catherine Goodman

Robert Grace
Kelly and Paul Greenwell
Rosemarie Grimmell
Susan Gruppi
Carol and Bob Guarnieri
Dion E. Gullion
Kyla and Kenny Gunter
Adam Gwin
Julie and Dr. John F. Gwin
Ryan and Regan Haggerty
April Hahnfeld
Carole and Bill Hall
Tompie Hall
Jennifer and Will Harkey
Tom and Ellen Harris
Hogan Harrison
Cathy Hartman
Stephanie and Bourke Harvey
Brenda and David Hasenzahl
Kim and John Hawpe
Chris and Jamie Hayes
Michael Herman
Drew Hernandez
Maria Hernandez
Tom Hicks
Priscilla and Jason Hiley
Macy and James Hill
Terry Bentley Hill
Winky and Laurie Hix
Tracy and Danny Hojdea
Courtney and Nelson Holm
Dee and Dr. Thomas Holmes
Anne Holland
Susan and Dr. Tom Howard
Cody Howell
Allan Howeth
Trish Huckabay
Elton Hyder
Heather and Ryan Irby
Regina Sanders Jacobs and Randy Jacobs
Amy and Troy Jackson
Jeff and Leslie Jenkins
JoAnn Jensen
Alex Jimenez
Gena and Randall Johnson
Merrill Jones
Kelly Jordan
Stacy Joynt
Edgar Juarez
John Kadingo
Dr. Melissa and Ged Kates
Jennifer and Murat Kamacioglu
Cynthia & Benjamin Keator
Sharon and Ken Keenum
Jonathan Kelley AIA
Dana and Dee Kelly Jr.
Lindsey and Chase Kennemer
Kevin E. Kidd
Christina and Jeffrey King
Leah King
Terry and Representative Phil King
Ivy Kirby
Julie and Scott Kleberg
Stephanie and Michael Klein
Marsha and John Kleinheinz
Leah Korte
Megan and Craig Kouldelka
Megan Koval
Anne and David Kramer
Marci and Jeff Kramer
Tom Krampitz
Les Kreis
Sarah Kukleweski
Taylor and Thomas Lacey
Kelli and Jason Lamers
Christopher Lanzarotti
Ken Lavelle
Veronica and Tom Law, Jr.
Marcelle LeBlanc
Courtney and Jeff Leaverton
Kali Lester
Brooke and Chris Loftis
Adrienne and Andrew Lombardi
Jenny and Steve Lombardi
Kathy and Bob Lombardi
Meggie and Dutch Lowy
Stephen Luskey
Emily and Rob Lydick
Laura Lynch
Ashley and Isaac Manning
Don Marable
Denis Martineau
Silvano Martinez
Charles T Mathers
Mavericks Designer Homes
Becky and Clay Mazur
Daniel McCarthy
Robert McClean
Mike McColm
Sandra McGlothlin
Kristin and Bailey McGuire
Abby McIntosh
Roxanne and Joe McIntosh
Laura McWhorter
Pati and Hon. Bill Meadows
Al Micallef
Claire and Herd Midkiff
Anne Walker and Chris Miller
Lisa and Todd Miller
Tatiana Miller
Tripp Miller
Amy Mills
Pam Minick
Austin Taylor Minor
Marty and Jerry Minton
Alain Miranda
Nancy and Bob Mitchell
Carrie and Ted Moffett
Jeremy Molinar
Lew Mollenkamp
Kit Moncrief
Tom and Therese Moncrief
Steve Montgomery
Rose Moody
Carley and Brandon Moore
F H Trey Moore
Lisa and Ryan Moore
Teresa Moore
Mitchell and Laura Moses
Garrett Myer
Marcia and Bales Nelson
Sam Nelson
Lynn and Cam Newman
Martha and Frank Newman
Kimmie Nguyen
Sharon and Mark Nichol
Spencer Nilsson

Noel and David Nolet
Charlotte and Jim Norris
Martin and Donna Noto
Allison and Jay O'Jibway
Tina and Jeff O’Jibway
Skylar and Stephen O'Neal
Meredith and Troy Okruhlik
Casey and Mark Oliver
Kristin and Matt Opitz
Hon. Rob Orr
Annette Padilla
Jennifer and Erich Palko
David and Karen Palmer
Grey Parker
Polly Parker
Richard and Quixie Parker
Michael Patterson
Anna and Travis Patterson
Laura and Chip Patton
Claire and Steele Pearce
Robert Pearcy
Cheraya & Gustavo Peña
Damon Perez
James Perez
Jason and Mallory Peterson
Elaine and Tim Petrus
Alexa and Ty Petty
Sam and Weston Petty
Jessica Phillips
Rachel Navejar and Edward J Phillips VI
Peter Philpott
Chase Pingel
Steve amd Tammy Popp
Alfred Prentice
Pam and Mark Presswood
Mayor Betsy Price
Jacque and Judd Pritchard
Jay Pritchard
Rob Ramage
Aaron Randall
Abby and Kyl Randazzo
Ally and Davis Ravnaas
Bob and Gina Ravnaas
Elizabeth and Paul Ray
Sharon and Breck Ray
Cathleen and Ryan Reedus
Christine and Austin Reilly
Fantasy and Donald Reynolds
Merrill and Blayne Rhynsburger
T Riley
Leslie and Kevin Robnett
Melissa Danforth Rogers 
Tom and Joan Rogers
Lisa and Matthew K. Rose
Melanie and Ron Rosen
David and Lindsay Rosenstein
Adelaide and Charlie Royer
Melinda and David Rubenkoenig
Marilyn and Mark Rubin
Rebecca and Clark Rucker
Caroline Samis
Jessica Sanchez
Rick Sanchez
Devin Wenske Sanders and Connor Sanders
Hon. Danny Scarth
Lisa and Jeff Schuessler
Elaine and Alan Schuster
Ernest Schooley
J and Sumer Searcy
Emily and Kyle Shatzer
Denver amd Claudia Sheddy
Mary Ann and Hon. Dr. Mark Shelton
Shelby White and Patrick Sheridan
Cindi and Councilman Dennis Shingleton
Constable Jon Siegel
Beth and Andrew Sims
Brian K. Singleton
Linda and Arville Slaughter
Tiffany Slataper
Chris and Mark Smith
Michael and Diana Smith 
Sabrina and Chad Smith
John and Helen Stephens
Chris and Vicky Stewart
Dick Stinson
Val and Dub Stocker
Candice and Cody Stovall
Jennifer and Andrew Sweeny
Danay Sweet
Molly and Seth Taylor
Frosty and Sarah Tempel
Julia and Rand Tempelton
Lee Tennison
Steven and Molly Thomson
Doug Thompson
Lyle and Bill Thornton
Conor Tokaz
Sarah Topham
Amy and Ryan Trott
Dani Tucker
Carlos Eduardo Turcios
David L Turner
Patti Gearhart Turner
Shirley and Wes Turner
Phillip Vaden
Whitney and Steven Van Eman
Kristin and Victor Vandergriff
Pamela Varner
Lisa Venable
Kara and Bill Waddell
Cye and Kyle Wagner
Lauren and Tennessee Walker
Lizzi and Brian Wallace
Michael Ward
Patricia Ward
Mary Jane and David Webster
Kevin D Welch
David and Patsy Wesson
Jennifer and Pat West
Karol and Paul Westbrook
Allison and Harrison Westmoreland
Anson Wheat
Brooke Whittaker
Kyle Whitaker
Shelby White
Chad Wilbanks
JR Williams III
Martha Williams
Kay and Curt Wilson
Stephanie and Jarrett Wilson
Jaime Wilson
Nathan and Arling Whitington
Lyndsay Woods
Pastor Tim Woody
Linda and George Young
Mac and Hon. Zim Zimmerman

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